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   A citywide forum on education, safety, health, government, the environment, open space.

The White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations (WPCNA) coordinates the neighborhood associations in White Plains, NY.

Its purpose is to enhance the quality of life in the City, and in particular, in its neighborhoods.


As an advisory council, the WPCNA functions by disseminating information and opinion to the public and public officials, and by encouraging local action.

Its monthly meetings bring together both representatives from the member associations, who come to discuss the citywide issues impacting their neighborhoods, and unaffiliated White Plains residents, who come to voice individual concerns.

The WPCNA encourages members to develop and share resources and activities to benefit the people of White Plains.

Photos by and about WPCNA members and events.

October Monthly Meeting:
Roundtable Discussion of the Role of WPCNA and the Neighborhoods in City Planning

The October Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Education House, 5 Homeside Lane, White Plains, NY. (Note this meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday to avoid a holiday conflict.)

WPCNA Roundtable Discussion

Prelude. At the last meeting we welcomed the new Stewart-Ross Neighborhood Association. At the top of this meeting, John Rossi will talk about re-activating the Ferris Avenue Neighborhood Association. He will also make a brief presentation about the White Plains Community Action Partnership (WPCAP), which addresses the issues surrounding poverty and the lack of services for the poor.

Roundtable Discussion. A common thread at WPCNA meetings has been an apparent lack of communication between the City and the neighborhoods regarding plans that affect the quality of life. Many of the plans involve zoning variances, which led a speaker last month to opine "Zoning should not be a suggestion." At this meeting, we'd like to consider the role of WPCNA and the Neighborhoods in granting zoning variances and in comprehensive planning. Bring your gripes, bring your issues, and bring your thoughts about establishing channels of communication and mechanisms for sustainable, agreeable growth.

WPCNA Election News. The national election is on everyone's mind, but Co-President Frances Jones says "Don't forget the Election for a new WPCNA Board of Directors at our December Meeting." Please let Fran know if you'd like to serve on the Nominating Committee. We need two volunteers. And get ready to throw your hat in the ring if you'd like to serve the greater White Plains community as a WPCNA Board member.

The meeting is open to the public -- bring your friends and neighbors -- and will start promptly at 7:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

This is sure to be a lively evening so please come early to get a good seat and allow time for audience participation and networking.

1. Annual WPCNA dues for 2016 are still only $25. Neighborhood association delegates should bring a check payable to WPCNA to the meeting. One check per association.
2. 2016 Meeting Schedule 1/12/2016, 2/9/2016, 3/8/2016, 4/12/2016, 5/10/2016, 6/14/2016, 9/13/2016, 10/18/2016, 11/15/2016, 12/13/2016. All meetings are second Tuesdays, except 10/18/2016 and 11/15/2016 which are third Tuesdays.
3. The Minutes of the September 13, 2016 meeting can be read online or downloaded in PDF format. We will not distribute paper copies at the meeting.

If you'd like to speak or have a suggestion for a future WPCNA meeting, please let us know.

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